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Mapping Late Medieval & Tudor Ships

Unique mapping project reveals the maritime history of England and Wales

Historians at the University of Southampton have, for the first time, visually represented the complex and sophisticated nature of merchant trading routes and ports operating during the late medieval and Tudor periods. Researchers have launched an interactive map and database which brings together an abundance of information about trading centres in England, Wales and the Channel Islands and the individual voyages which set sail from them. Led by Dr Craig Lambert and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the website www.medievalandtudorships.org consists of a database, searchable by port, crew or voyage and two interactive maps, showing shipping routes, departure points and destinations. Users can zoom in on individual areas and search for information about each port, ship and journey. The historians collated a mountain of data on 53,000 ship movements from over 600 ports between 1400 and 1580 – sourcing evidence from customs accounts, navy payrolls and national ship surveys. The website and maps give a fascinating insight into the structure of shipping in England and Wales during what was a period of fundamental importance to our history; a time when the seeds of maritime empire were sown.


12th Dec 2017 13:34


Dr Craig Lambert


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